Victim Index (VI)

The Victim Index (VI) is designed for assessing victims (male and female) of verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Victims may be reluctant to discuss their situation, feelings and vulnerabilities. Victims are often unwilling or unable to communicate their current situation, fears and needs. When working with victims, early problem identification facilitates timely intervention and treatment. The Victim Index (VI) facilitates patient-staff discussion.

The Victim Index (VI) is an evidence-based self report test. It consists of 127 true-false and multiple choice questions and takes on average 20 minutes to complete. From test data (answers) entry, Victim Index (VI) reports are scored and 3-page reports printed within 2 1/2 minutes.

The Victim Index (VI) determines client truthfulness, evaluates their distress, measures their morale, quantifies their self esteem, gauges their resistance, identifies substance abuse, recognizes suicidal ideation and assesses the victim's stress coping abilities.